jhkimrpg (jhkimrpg) wrote,

Two Analysis Essays

I have had two essays sitting around for a little while on two of the better-known recent indie RPGs: My Life With Master and Dogs in the Vineyard. I've had them sitting around for a bit, but I hadn't completely polished them off and put them up yet. So I thought I would give them a quick run-through and put them up for comments.

The first is "Using a Board for MLWM", which suggests using a Go board or square battle mat for graphically representing the progression of minions within the game.

The other is Strategy Notes on DitV. It looks at strategic and tactical options in Dogs -- analyzing how to win conflicts.

I've been somewhat worried that these would be controversial, since they are analyzing the games as games rather than as narratives. I've played both of these -- not a huge amount, but multiple sessions of each (only three of MLWM, and five or six of Dogs). Comments from more experienced players of these are welcome.
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