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GNS Links and Comments

I think I've done fairly well to avoid discussion on the GNS Model. The last time I had a post focused on the GNS Model was back in November 2005: "Me and GNS", where I commented that I wouldn't post about it much -- which it appears I've done fairly well on.

Still, there are posts on it to time to time that I read, and I thought I'd summarize again. There's Jono's Natural Log post GNS theory. Also, I've listened to Clyde Rhoer's Theory from the Closet podcast on my commute. Also, there was recently adamdray's post "An example of Simulationist thinking" -- referring to jediwiker's post "From Hollywood to Home Campaign (Part II of V)".

On a personal note, it still gets me very frustrated to see Ron Edwards' vision of primarily genre-emulating, predefined-theme play (i.e. GNS Simulationism) conflated with cause-and-effect exploration of actions and consequences (i.e. rgfa Threefold Simulationism) -- which I think happens in Jono's post. In my opinion, following from in-game cause to effect is directly antithetical to pre-authored themes and storylines -- and is excellent for exploring choices and consequences.

However, at this point I feel that both GNS and the Threefold are both too narrow in scope. These days, I am more interested in the larger picture of real-world goals of play -- socializing, learning, stress relief, competitive exhibition -- and how game processes feed into these. At some point I would want to revisit my old Forge post, "Classifying by Social Function". In-game cause and effect is a useful tool for a number of these, but it isn't a goal.

Still, GNS is there, and so I thought I should post on it as I thought about it. For a more general introduction to it, I would recommend first M. Joseph Young's series on Places to Go, People to Be:
There is also Ben Lehman's "Introduction to Forge Theory" series of blog posts,
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