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Street Game Festival - John's RPG Journal

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November 2nd, 2011

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07:24 am - Street Game Festival
There is an ongoing festival of "street games" that is going on in San Francisco. I haven't participated in any of them, and will be attending AmberCon NorthWest this weekend. Still, I'm curious about the relation of these with live-action RPGs.

Come Out & Play 2011 San Francisco

Certainly a few of the games sound very much like LARPs such as the Cowgirl Way Society's Wanted!:
Maggie Durrant is WANTED! Dead or alive! And there’s a generous bounty on her head.

Maggie Durrant is on the run. Ever since she left the East Coast, her uncle’s goons are on her tail. Will you help get Maggie and her horse get on the next train out of town? Or, will you try to catch her for the bounty? With the stealth of the Underground Railroad and the dynamics of assassins, you’ll wind your way through Mission streets and alleys trying to throw the other team off the trail. Meanwhile, the Cowgirl Way Society will help you unpack Maggie’s story, make and spot lookalikes, track down safe houses, and scrape together the right train information.

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